meet the four tails

Four Tails Vineyard is a small, boutique vineyard located in Pearce, AZ at the base of the Cochise Stronghold. We love it here. Oh … let us first tell you about us, the “four tails”. We were all rescued by our Mom and Dad (people call them Barb and Cale, not sure why) and we love them. They bring us down to the vineyard all the time and we get to run and play all day…and sleep. Let us tell you a little about us …


I’m a Bassett Hound and my name is Bono, although, they tell me my real name is Bonita because I’m a pretty girl. I am the only girl of the “four tails” and love to play and alert everyone when there seems to be danger. The vineyard is my favorite place and I can keep up with all of my brothers and sometimes beat them in a race. You’ll mostly find me laying in the dirt and taking long naps in the sun. The Pretty Girl Viognier is named just for me.


I’m a Skye Terrier and they call me Dash and I think I’m in charge of everyone here. I have many different looks … sometimes I have long hair and sometimes I get a shave down, which I really like. My favorite time at the vineyard is hanging out by the fire and chillin’. The Short Temper Tempranillo is named for me, although, I don’t know why they would choose that name for me. I don’t have a temper at all … as long as everyone does what I say.

bruno & bubby

We are Bruno and Bubby and we do everything together. We were together for the first 2 years of our lives and then turned into a lab rescue where Mom and Dad fostered me, Bruno, but I was a foster failure (thank goodness) and they kept me. Two years later, I (Bubby) came back the rescue and Mom and Dad just knew they had to adopt me so that I could be with my brother again. We love being together and are always looking to see where Mom and Dad are because we want to be as close to them as possible. At all times. For all of these reasons, the Double Trouble Cabernet Sauvignon was named just for us!


I’m Angus and I was the original “tail” of Four Tails. My Mom and Dad had me for over 12 years before I went over the rainbow bridge. I would have loved the vineyard and definitely would have been the perfect vineyard dog. I always loved to protect our home, make paths all around to make sure it was all secure for my Mom and Dad. Since I was the original tail, I am on the first bottle, Big Paw Syrah. You see, I had some pretty big paws and ended up being much taller than my Mom and Dad thought I would be. I’m watching over everyone and just love seeing everyone so happy.